Manns Mackie Studios (MMS) led by Ty Manns (Co-Founder/Writer/Director/Executive Producer) and Bishop Charles Mackie (Co-Founder/Executive Producer) is a full-service feature film production company offering a host of creative feature film services from concept-to-post production services.  We have the capability and resources to produce a range of content from feature films, scripted, and non-scripted content. Our team of professional directors, cinematographers, producers, G&E, and editors work with instinct, integrity, professionalism, and heart to create original and iconic client content.


We have the resources to provide development, pre, principle, post, and delivery services and we have an output distribution agreement with Green Apple Entertainment and Atonement Pictures to offer Home Entertainment distribution opportunities. We are capable of producing films with budgets from $500,000 to $10 million dollars and delivering them between 90-120 days after principle-production.


In this high definition digital world, vastly new and enhanced technology and means consumers are viewing their content where consumers are drawn more and more every day to PRODUCTION VALUE and most importantly PICTURE QUALITY & SOUND our core focus and primary goal is simple - CREATE A FILM WITH A BIG BUDGET CINEMATIC LOOK AND SOUND.  From the concept… to the creation, Manns Mackie Studios can meet your production and content needs.

Manns Mackie Studios... We Make Movies... Matter!