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Thank you for supporting Manns Mackie Studios, our business, and our movies.  We are honored and humbled.  However, we are not accepting "unsolicited" content at this time. We cannot receive unsolicited books, scripts, music, concepts, loglines, treatments, or discuss story non-production concepts opportunities.   


We are a Concept Development, Writing, Production Services, and Distribution company. Therefore, WE CAN NOT FUND OR ASSIST WITH FUNDING PRODUCTION PROJECTS! 


We only provide production services and a possible avenue for distribution via our streaming & Output Distribution agreement deal partners. You must have a completed draft script and 100% of your production funds (Budget) required to produce your project. 


Please DO NOT email your scripts, ideas, concepts, books, plays, etc... Again, thank you for your support, and God bless. 

Manns Mackie Studios. We Make Movies... Matter!

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