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Video Editing Timeline


Once your film is produced, edited, and post-production work completed, this is not the end. Distributors and streaming platforms interested in your project require common, and sometimes very specific delivery specifications completed and “delivered” to them for your projects to release and play on their domestic and international platforms.

Please understand and this is very important! Delivery can be expensive and it is a necessary process that sadly a lot of first-time independent filmmakers don’t plan for. Delivery should always be part of your film budgeting process! Delivery requirements typically fall into the following categories: Lab Access, Publicity & Advertising, Metadata, Editing Materials, Credit/Contracts, and Legal Documents.

Post Production Station


Lab Access

  • Master Video File (in it’s Original Aspect Ratio and an addl. 16.9 export if not OAR)

  • Textless Main & End Titles

  • Master Audio Files (Stereo, 5.1 and M+E mixes)

  • QC Reports

  • DCDM

  • DCP

  • Trailer Master

  • Copy of the Score

  • HD Extras/DVD Commentary

  • & More

Film Poster


Editing Materials

  • Final Continuity Report

  • Final Picture EDL 


Production Credit/Contracts

  • Final Main on End Credits

  • Cast & Tech Personnel List

  • Copies of Personnel Contracts

  • & More

Checking Text on a Document



  • Music Cue Sheets

  • Music Licenses

  • Composer Agreement

  • Copies of Acquired Licenses

  • Screen & Paid Ad Credit/Likeness

  • Chain of Title

  •  -rights agreements

  •  -copyright registration

  •  -copyright reports

  •  -title report

  • Cert of Origin

  • Distribution Restrictions (if any)

  • Dubbing/Subtitling Restrictions (if any)

  • Production Storage/Lab Access Info

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance Certificate

  • TV Safe Titles Cert (if any)

  • MPAA Rating Certificate (if needed)

  • & More

Based on your budget, we do offer negotiated specialized services that include - Digital Delivery HD, 2K, 4K, DCP, Tape outputs HD, SD, PAL, Pan & Scan, Archiving/LTO, DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring, Duplication, Closed Captioning, Quality Control Reports and more.

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