Distribution Process 

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT. The purpose of this document is to outline the Manns Mackie Distribution (MMD) process and estimated timelines.



MMD model is different from all others. Our model is broken down into six major phases. Each phase is designed to (I) allow content providers decision-making ability throughout the entire process; (II) introduce content providers work to all interested potential partner platforms/buyers, and (III) allows content providers to maximize profits.


Phase #1: NDA

Content providers are asked to execute a mutual NDA to protect both parties. Once the NDA is executed, the content provider is asked to send MMD content links. The MMD team will conduct an internal evaluation of submitted content. The NDA does not allow MMD to distribute content to any of our partner platforms/buyers.


Phase #2. Consideration Agreement

If MMD determines evaluated content is marketable, content providers sign an exclusive 90-day “consideration” agreement. This agreement must be sent to partner platforms/buyers when content is submitted to inform our partner platforms/buyers that MMD has content providers permission to share submitted content.  This is not a distribution agreement and content providers retain content ownership.


Exclusive Period. There are no distribution guarantees promised by MMD in this phase, nor are there any “binding” or “funding” expectations from either party. The exclusion period is required because of the average time it takes partner platforms/buyers to review and make a decision to procure or pass on your content. Platforms/buyers view multiple submissions as legal liability and may reject submissions simply because they do, not what to be involved in future lawsuits between submitting agencies. The agreement automatically expires at the end of the 90-day exclusive period. The agreement may be extended in 30-day increments only with content provider permission.


Phase #3. Offer Consideration

MMD informs content providers of all procurement offers and assists with negotiations between content providers and procurement platforms/buyers to make the decision to accept or pass on submitted offer(s). MMD does not accept offers without content provider permission.


Phase #4. Distribution, Delivery & Release

a. Distribution

Once the content provider agrees to an offer, MMD forwards the full distribution agreement with detailed distribution information, to include the content provider’s negotiated and accepted terms.  Once the distribution agreement is reviewed and approved by the content provider’s legal team, the agreement is executed.


b. Delivery

The distribution platform may require additional editing, sound design, color grading, foley, ADR, Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, etc... These are known as “Delivery Specifications”. Some platform delivery specifications are similar, while others are vastly different. Therefore, delivery expenses may vary. The distributing platform will not accept content until delivery specifications are met. MMD will provide the content provider the distributing platform’s delivery specifications and a quote to meet the required delivery specifications for distribution.


The content provider reserves the right to complete the required work to meet the delivery expectations, or MMD may be able to assist. MMD recoups 100% of delivery expenses from the platform’s profit disbursements. MMD will never execute delivery work without an executed full-distribution agreement and the content provider’s written consent.


c. Release

The distributing platform determines when the content is released. However, most content is distributed within 90-days of the content provider completing delivery specifications and the distributor accepting content for distribution. The exceptions are with holiday content. For example, if the content is a Christmas film and a platform procures it in March, that content will be released per the distributing platform’s scheduled holiday release season, typically November/December of the procurement year.


Phase #5. Profit Disbursement

Platforms typically disburse initial profits 90-days after the release of the content, and thereafter in quarterly disbursements over a one-year period. This is typically true regardless of the platform (Cable, Network, DVD, streaming, etc…). MMD will transfer profits to the content provider by wire to the provided bank account, or by mail based on agreed preference.


Phase #6. Downstream Distribution

MMD will immediately start distribution opportunities for downstream distribution once the initial distribution agreement is executed, thus starting the process over. For example, if you accept a cable network offer. That network is paying for an exclusive period to distribute your content. MMD will start work to secure distribution opportunities with other partner platforms/buyers so when the network’s exclusive period ends, another deal will be in place to move forward.