Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Do I maintain control over my content during the MMD process? Yes. MMD’s model is vastly different from most distribution models. We work with the content provider throughout our process and allow our content providers explicit offer approval authority.


2. Does MMD distribute theatrical releases? MMD submits qualified content to theatrical distributors for theatrical release consideration. If a distributor deems submitted content qualified for theatrical release, MMD will assist the content provider through the negotiation process. Once a distribution agreement is secured and all delivery specifications are met, the theatrical release partner will release your content.


3. Does MMD pay for P&A expenses? MMD works with various distribution platforms that distribute content and use internal marketing funds to promote distributed content. Theatrical release partners typically provide P&A funds to market-accepted content. All P&A funds are recouped by the theatrical distributor prior to profit disbursements.  MMD will market distributed content via all social media platforms. MMD will provide content providers with expenditure reports and recoup all marketing expenses from distributed profits.


4. Why do I have to sign an NDA? MMD requires all content providers to sign a non-binding NDA to protect both the filmmaker’s content ownership and MMD. The non-binding NDA allows MMD to review content providers submitted content and does not bind the content provider or MMD to financial compensation, distribution consideration, or distribution.


5. Why do I have to sign the MMD Consideration Agreement? All of our partner content providers and buyers require MMD to show legal proof that we have the content provider’s permission to shop your content. For example, if you own a home and desire to sell it through a real estate agency, you must first sign a seller’s agreement before the agency is legally allowed to market and show your home.  We cannot present any content to our partner platforms or buyers without written permission from the content provider.


6. Why does MMD ask for an exclusive period? It takes between 90-120 days from the time we accept your content to the time it takes our partner distribution platforms and buyers to review your content for distribution consideration. For legal reasons, distribution platforms and buyers do not like to accept content submissions from multiple agencies for fear of becoming involved in potential future lawsuits between submitting agencies. Therefore, in order to keep your content from being rejected, it is important for MMD to have an exclusive period to properly submit your content for distribution consideration.


7. What happens after I sign a distribution agreement? The distribution platform will provide MMD with its required distribution delivery specifications. MMD will present the delivery specifications to you to determine if (I) you will meet the delivery specifications yourself, or (II) MMD will provide you a quote for us to complete the delivery specifications. If you approve MMD to complete the delivery specifications, we will do so and recoup 100% of the quoted expenses from the platform’s disbursed profits.

Do I have to accept distribution offers? No. Content providers can accept or deny all distribution offers from our partner content providers/buyers.


8. Can I review MMD’s distribution process before signing an NDA or Consideration agreement? Yes. You may email and request a copy of our process at distribution@mannsmackiestudios.com or visit www.mannsmackiestudios.com.


9. How long will MMD own my content after I sign a distribution agreement?  The time period may vary. Our distribution platforms will pay for an exclusive period to release your content on their platforms. MMD will immediately start working to find more distribution platforms for future releases. MMD will ask for an exclusive time period that allows us to secure future distribution opportunities. Keep in mind distribution opportunities decrease dramatically over the first five years and so do your profit opportunities. Some of our partner platforms ask for longer exclusive periods. MMD will provide you the exclusive periods based on our content providers/buyers requests. You will make the final decision to accept or deny provided exclusive periods.


10. What are the profit splits? MMD negotiates profit splits with each content provider based on content distribution potential.


11. When does the profit disbursement period start? Typically, the distributing platform will disburse profits over a twelve-month period via quarterly increments starting the day your content is released on their platform.


12. How are profits distributed? MMD will distribute profits to the content provider via electronic deposits or mailed checks based on the content provider's decision. Profits will be distributed within five working days after funds have cleared MMD’s account