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1. What does Manns Mackie Studios (MMS) do? Glad you asked. MMS is the “Concept” leg of the tripod.  MMS can help you develop your concept into a production-ready project. From screenplay writing services, crew building, casting, legal, etc... We can handle all your production requirements. 


2. Does this mean MMS can help me with my script? Yes! MMS can assist by providing script notes, coverage, original screenplay writing, or rewrites if necessary.


3. Does MMS support full screenplay writing services? Yes, MMS award-winning and Dove Award nominee screenplay writer Ty Manns (Writer - A Question of Faith, Redeemed, My Brother’s Keeper) can write original stories for clients, but due to existing client writing commitments, production, and appearance engagements, full script writing services are limited at this time.


4. Can MMS help me tighten up my existing concept/script? Yes. We can work with you to help flesh out locations, characters, dialogue, action, story, etc… to ensure your script is lean and your story is hitting all the required beats.


5. What about script breakdowns and scheduling? Yes. MMS can help prepare script breakdowns and production schedules for your project.




1. What is Manns Mackie Productions (MMP)? MMP is the “Production” leg of the tripod. Once your script is polished, your project funded, and the production planning complete, MMP can help you with every phase of the production process (Pre, Principal, and Post).


2. What does that mean? It means that MMP will work with you in pre-production to establish workflow processes, set up, staff and manage your production office, work with talent agencies and managers to cast your film, handle legal contract requirements for cast and crew, establish and conduct budget management, payroll, workers comp, insurance requirements, and more. We will hire the best available crew members to fit your budget and manage the crew throughout the principal-production process. We also provide “Producer” and "Directional" services if desired. We will execute and manage your “Post-production” process from editing to the “Delivery” of your project. We offer and manage all post-production services including the soundtrack and score development.

3. Do you offer post-production services? YES! We offer post-production services as part of the movies we produce, or independently! If you have a project and need only post-production services please contact us.  We provide editing, color grading, sound design, sound mix, formatting, and more. 




1. What does Manns Mackie Distribution do? Manns Mackie Distribution (MMD) is the “Distribution” leg of the tripod. Now that we’ve polished (or written) your script and got it production-ready, pulled together the very best available crew and help cast talent and produced your project, managed it through the entire post-production process, and prepared your project for delivery – we can assist in securing distribution for your project!   

2. Can MMD guarantee distribution? No! No one from our team can or will ever promise or has been given permission to promise you guaranteed distribution. If someone from our team or someone implies they are representing either MMS, MMP, or MMD, or a member of our team tells you they can guarantee distribution, please contact us immediately at –, or  

3. What are your profit splits? 80/20. Our filmmakers retain 80% of licensed profits, minus any previously agreed upon MMD recoupable expenses. 

4. What genres do you accept? We accept all genres. However, what releasing platforms search for is cyclic. This means buyers will sometimes only spend money on specific genres that are "hot" at the moment. Sometimes we are asked by the buyers to search for and provide specific genres. When that happens, we will advertise asking for those specific genres. However, once we have your title, we keep it in constant submission rotation to our platform buyers and releasing platforms throughout the agreement term. 

5. What happens once I submit my Title? Your Title will be logged and scheduled for review by the MMD acquisitions team. We review titles weekly in the order they are received. This MMD acquisitions team will review your movie on Production Quality, Production Sound, and distribution demand.  We do not score "story and acting." Although both are important, we believe "story and acting" should be left to our media partners and platforms to determine if both areas meet their platform requirements. However, we do use "story" for genre placement and which platforms to send for distribution consideration. If your title is accepted, we will inform and forward you our Consideration Agreement (CA) for review and signature.  Our CA outlines the necessary requirements for MMD to search for distribution opportunities. 

6. How long is the MMD distribution term? Our term agreement is 12 months. 

7. Does MMD have exclusive and nonexclusive periods? Yes. Within the Term, there is a nine (9) month exclusive period that allows only MMD to share, promote, pitch, and exhibit the Title to worldwide media partners and platforms for distribution consideration, and a three (3) month " nonexclusive period  During this “non-exclusive” period the Client may, and is free to share, promote, pitch, and exhibit the Title to worldwide media partners and platforms for distribution consideration, with the exception to worldwide media partners and platforms MMD submitted the Title to during the “exclusive” period of the term. Only, in the event the Client shares, promotes, pitches, exhibits, and “accepts” an agreement with an MMD worldwide media partner the Title was previously submitted during the “term,” the Client then agrees to pay MMD a fee of 15% from the “Gross” sale of the Title for the length(s) of “all” executed distribution agreement(s) with the media platforms. 

8. Can I get a Minimum Guarantee (MG) if I get a distribution deal? There’s always the possibility, but to be perfectly honest, unless you have VERY well-known talent(s) in your Title, and even then, the chance of receiving an MG is extremely slim. Not impossible, but very slim. Because of the growing number of distribution platforms MGs are slowly becoming a thing of the past, especially for independent films. And, even if you are lucky enough to get an MG, you need to be prepared for the hit against your profitability splits. For example, a small MG paid can cost you a good number of percentage points in order for the distributing platform to recoup its MG and ROI. We will always fight for the size of MG you articulate to us, but we cannot guarantee buyers will accept or offer an MG. 


9. Where does MMD submit your content? We are capable of submitting content to over 200 media partners located within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and international markets worldwide.


10. Will my content be submitted for theatrical distribution? The bar for theatrical distribution is very high, and the associated costs are even higher, so not all Titles are considered.  If we believe your Title has the potential for a theatrical release, we will contact you to discuss it.  


11. How long does the distribution process take? The process can take six months to a year. If a platform is specifically seeking content in your genre, the time frame can be considerably shorter.  


12. Why is the distribution process so long? Distributor requirements are cyclical in nature. What does this mean?   Distributors carefully track what their customers are searching for, and what genre and/or genres are popular at the moment. Distributors may view your content and find it both acceptable and compatible with their platforms, but they may not have a demand (or need) for your content (or genre) at the time of submission.  For example, if Western content is popular now, then distributors and streaming platforms will reserve their acquisition dollars to secure Western content.


13. Why does MMD have an exclusive period? Mainly because Distributor requirements are cyclical in nature (see above), and it takes time for us to find, negotiate, and work through the process with the distributor(s), especially if there are multiple offers for your Title(s). Another key reason for the exclusion period is because distributors, media partners, and platforms DO NOT like dealing with multiple people or organizations submitting the same “Titles” to them at the same time. The same “Title” submitted by multiple entities may cause Distributors and streaming platforms to dismiss the “Title” entirely and never consider it in order to avoid potential future legal issues as to who actually had the legal rights to submit, accept, and finalize a distribution offer.   


14. Why does MMD have a non-exclusive period? Because some offers may arrive days before the exclusive period ends and we will need time to work through the offer(s) to determine the best available option(s) for the Title. And, sadly, we have seen filmmakers turn down offers submitted close to the end of the exclusion period, only to contact the distributor directly after the exclusive period ends.  It’s just smart business.


15. Does MMD own the rights to my content during this period?  Technically, NO. However, by entering into the agreement, you are allowing MMD to search for and secure distribution opportunities during the exclusive period.  

16. Can I shop my title during the nonexclusive period? Yes. You are free to shop your content as you wish during the nonexclusive period.

17. Will MMD continue to shop my title during the nonexclusive period? Yes. We will always be seeking licensing opportunities for your title.

18. Do I owe MMD any of my profits if during the nonexclusive period I find and sign a deal title? No. If the deal you sign IS NOT with a media entity MMD has previously submitted your title to. YES. If the deal you sign is with a media entity MMD has previously submitted your title to. At which time you will owe MMD 15% from the "Gross" of the deal you signed. 

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