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Post Production in Process


We offer full-service post-production services for independent film projects. Our in-house team is comprised of solid teams of post-production supervisors, digital, music, and sound artists and technicians with years of experience and a record for delivering content on time and on budget. Once your film is produced, edited, and post-production work completed, this is not the end. Distributors and streaming platforms interested in your project require common, and sometimes very specific delivery specifications completed and “delivered” to them for your projects to release and play on their domestic and international platforms. Please understand and this is very important! Delivery can be expensive and it is a necessary process that sadly a lot of first-time independent filmmakers don’t plan for. Delivery should always be part of your film budgeting process! Delivery requirements typically fall into the following categories: Lab Access, Publicity & Advertising, Metadata, Editing Materials, Credit/Contracts, and Legal Documents.

Image by Wahid Khene


Our in-house editing team is capable of meeting all your editorial needs. We have partnerships with major post-production resources to meet all  budgets 

Image by Nejc Soklič


We offer the very best color grading services to match the look and style producers and directors are searching to meet their projects visual desires. 



We provide dialogue recording, sound mix,sound design, and ADR work for film, television, documentaries, and more.  

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