Film making is about interesting and engaging characters and compelling stories. Stories that entertain and create connections between the characters and the audience. Marvel Studios broke the code over twelve years ago when they released the blockbuster film, Iron Man.  Iron Man kicked off what is now internationally known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  The MCU has since given us movies like The Avengers, Spider Man, Dr. Strange, Thor, Ant-man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dead Pool, X-Men, Wolverine and Black Panther just


to name a few.  It's from the MCU formula that M2S’ Co-Founder Ty Manns, Writer/Executive producer decided to write a series of faith-based films with storylines and characters intertwine throughout each film and each stories build on each other until climaxing in a final, overarching film much like the current Avengers Infinity War films.

The Manns/Mackie Studios, Faith Cinematic Universe (FCU), much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe consist of a slate of family/faith-based feature films, each consisting of “stand-alone” stories, strong characters, and appearances from familiar faces from the FCU in each movie. The stories in the FCU will entertain, examine and explore relatable storylines such as teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, marital problems, teenage bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, racism, employment struggles, abortion and more all coupled with strong messages of faith and God’s grace.


Investors that partner with  M2S to produce a single film in the FCU will not only enjoy a profit-position, in perpetuity in the vested film... they will also enjoy a profit-position, in perpetuity in all subsequent produced films. 

Manns/Mackie Studios Faith Cinematic Universe Movie Series

My Brother's Keeper

A decorated soldier struggle with PTSD & his faith.

The Outreach of Grace

A  rising politician seeks help from a local pastor to decide between his career and a child that may be his daughter. 

Mustard Seed

Three high school kids turn to faith to survive bullying & domestic abuse.

By His Holy Name

A family in a crisis of faith finds help in a long lost friend.

Can You Hear Me

A former star Rapper uses his renewed fame to honor God in his music.

The Faith Cinematic Universe Investor Pitch Deck

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